India Improves Student-Classroom, Pupil-Teacher Ratios: Economic Survey

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New Delhi:  Student Classroom Ratio (SCR) and Pupil Teacher Ratio (PTR) of the government-run schools have witnessed 'significant progress', the Economic Survey said today. Utmost priority to social infrastructure like education, health and social protection is given by the Government to engineer an inclusive and sustainable growth for India, stated in the Economic Survey 2017-18, tabled by the Union Minister for Finance and Corporate Affairs, Arun Jaitley, in the Parliament.

The economic survey is tabled ahead of the presentation of the union budget. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley will present the budget for 2018-19 on Thursday, February 1.

The Survey also notes that India is poised to grow as one of the leading knowledge economies where education, skill development and health will remain priorities for the Government.
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It mentioned the significant progress made in universalising primary education, with substantial improvement in the enrolment and completion rates of education of children in both primary and elementary school.

The Survey takes note of the increased percentage of schools which comply with the Student Classroom Ratio (SCR) and Pupil Teacher Ratio (PTR) at the all India level. The Survey, however, notes the inter-state variations in the adherence to Student Classroom Ratio (SCR) and Pupil Teacher Ratios (PTR) norms. Taking note of the substantially improved Gender Parity Index (GPI) at the primary and secondary levels of school enrolment with the consistent efforts of the government, the Survey acknowledges the success of programmes like Beti Padhao, Beti Bachao in addressing issues of gender bias in access to education.

SCR is defined as average number of pupils per classroom in a school in a given school-year and the ideal size is 30 students per classroom.

"At all-India level, percentage of schools with SCR greater than 30 students declined from 43 per cent in 2009-10 to 25.7 per cent in 2015-16," said the Economic Survey 2017-18.

However, it also added that though SCR has improved in almost all states, there are variations in it.

While India had a PTR of 23:1 at national level for primary schools in 2015-16, at primary level and upper primary level, the PTR should be 30:1 and 35:1, respectively.

India has also improved quantitative indicators such as enrolment levels, completion rates and other physical infrastructure which includes construction of school buildings/class rooms, drinking water facilities, toilet facilities and appointment of teachers at elementary school level.

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